High Speed Article Marketing Part 1

By Paul Henderson

9th June 2013

Hey Gang,

today I wanted to write about a topic dear to many peeps’ hearts – Article Marketing.

It’s an immensely worthwhile skill to be able to write the types of articles that people want to read.  And submitting your prose to the many great article marketing sites around requires a certain amount of know-how in itself.

So, to get the best out of your creative talents, I’ve written two pieces that I hope will help you along the track.  This is the first, so please enjoy …

Article Marketing

Article marketing is where you write a quality article, review or report on the subject of your choice, then submit it to an article directory for public viewing online.   

Even if you’ve heard of article marketing before, maybe even tried it, there’ll be tons of information here that I guarantee you haven’t seen and tried yet, so please keep reading.

Submitting well written and interesting articles is one of the most tried and tested ways of driving free traffic to your website or squeeze page ever. People by the million search these directories looking for information.  When they find what they want, they may just read the article, or they may follow the included links back to your website. 

Or they may want to copy the entire article, your links included, and re-publish it somewhere else – which they are perfectly entitled to do at no cost to them.  This is exactly what an Article Directory is for. It’s your key to making your stuff go viral.

There are many Article Directories around, and we’ll be using a few of them.  Firstly though, we’ll be dealing just with Ezine Articles.com because they’re the biggest, most trusted, and they have an excellent reputation because of the high standard they rigorously enforce.  And if you use them correctly they can be pure gold to you.

Your First 10 Articles

When you first sign up with them, you’ll be allowed to submit 10 articles only.  It will take them from 4 to 7 days typically to either approve or reject an article after you submit it.  If they reject it, they’ll give you a clue, though not the exact reason, as to why.  You then correct it, re-submit it and wait again.  Eventually it will be approved, and after you have 10 accepted submissions, your account is halted and their staff will look over your work and will do one of two things. 

You’ll either be upgraded to Basic Plus status, which allows you to submit another 25 articles with the same old lengthy approval delays.  Or they’ll upgrade you to Platinum Author status.  This is the level you want to reach.

Platinum Author Status

The big deal about Platinum Author status is that you get unlimited further submissions, and your articles take typically just 1 – 2 days for approval.  In addition, it’s been hinted that they are more lenient with Platinum Authors, meaning that they won’t reject your articles so much due to minor technical issues, as they do with more junior level authors.  It’s just all round easier !

If you haven’t already reached this level, I want you to get to Platinum Author level really quickly.  Do this and it will stand you in good stead for what we have planned for you. 

Choose 10 Subjects

So, choose 10 subjects – any subjects that you know something about.  They don’t have to be in any way related to your niche.  What you’re going to do is write 10 articles of about 400 to 500 words each on these 10 subjects.  Just pay attention to their editorial guidelines and write them honestly and as well as you can, and you’ll be fine.  You can knock the whole lot out in a day if you get going on it.

Submit them, and in 4 – 7 days they’ll be approved or rejected or a combination of both.  When I did this a couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to just need minor changes to one article, so it was a very easy task for me, and took just two days to complete the work, even with the re-write. 

So, a week later and now you’re a fully fledged Platinum Author.  What now?


Writing Real Articles – The Fun Starts 

As a guideline, you want to be aiming for unique, high quality content of about 400 – 500 words in the main body, followed by a ‘resource box’ of about 100 words.  If you’re new to this, a ‘resource box’ is just like a paragraph or two that they ask you to place AFTER the article body, where you’re allowed the chance to sell yourself.  This is the only place you’re allowed to put links, – which are not allowed in the article body.  If you do, it’ll just get rejected til you remove them.

In terms of the content that you write, you want to work on really impressing the reader with your knowledge.  You should consider the article body, your ‘give’ – where you don’t pitch or try to sell, but just offer pure content of the highest quality. 

The resource box, on the other hand, is your ‘take’, and this is where you are allowed to discretely ‘sell’ yourself to readers.  You may place two links to your site in this box, – I’ll show you how to construct these shortly.

The better quality you offer, the more people will read it, the more clicks it will get, and the better chance it will have of being ‘borrowed’ for someone else’s publication. When they do this, they must leave the whole article intact, including the resource box, so your links stay put. 

This is what you want, as all of those new readers will also get a chance to see and like your article, and click on the link to your website.

Multiple Articles – One Topic

It’s a really good idea to write several articles on the same topic, all with links back to the one squeeze page.  Actually it’s been said that as many as 50 articles can be very effective.  This may seem difficult at first, but you want free traffic, and in no time at all you’ll be churning out articles 5 – 10 a day, minimum.  Heck, I did all my first 10 in less than 2 days, and that was with little prior practice.  Ideally, you should continue to write an article or two for submission regularly, just to keep your online content fresh and updated. 

The main challenge is going to be getting ideas for things to write about.  A great way of giving yourself almost unlimited ideas is to use the Google Keyword Tool and see what Keyword suggestions it comes up with when you type in your main niche keyword.  This will give you hundreds if not thousands of ideas.  And you can always rehash content from some of your other articles into new ones.  All that an article needs is to be able to be considered unique and of good quality on it’s own merit. Simple.

So you submit multiple articles to EzineArticles and wait for the traffic to start.

And it will, don’t worry. 


Part 2

In Part 2 of this series about Article Marketing, I’m going to talk about your Resource Box and how to use it properly.  Until next time then.

And that’s all there is to it folks.  If you liked it, please share on your social media, and/or leave a comment below.  It’s a long one I know, so thanks to all those who stayed til the end.

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  1. Bonnie Gean
    4 years ago

    Since I ran an article directory for 6 years, one would think I’d take advantage of article marketing,but I don’t…:)

    I can’t wait for part 2 for another good read. Thanks for sharing!
    Bonnie Gean would luv you to read …90 Day Product Creation Challenge, Day 22My Profile

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Bonnie,

      great to see you back again. Wow, you ran an article directory! I imagine they were exciting times for you. Truth is, although I quite like it as a traffic method and it has worked quite well for me in the past, I just don’t have time to do it so much these days. But it was good and enjoyable while it lasted. I ‘ll go and have a read of Day 22 🙂

      Thanks again Bonnie, – glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Wendy Bottrell
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips. Just started writing articles and didn’t realize about the 10. Will be getting my 10 done right away and submitted. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell would luv you to read …Walk With Me, Talk With MeMy Profile

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Wendy,

      thanks for the comment. Yes I think that little tip caught a lot of people by surprise. Glad you found some value in it and good luck with your writing 🙂

      All the best,


  3. Lyn Blackledge
    4 years ago

    Lots of food for thought and many ideas to implement . Thank you.

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hi Lyn,

      thanks for stopping by on your first visit, and for taking the time to comment. Yes, lots of stuff to be getting your teeth into. That stuff works a treat though, and certainly Ezine Articles do treat you a lot less strictly once you have your Platinum status, as I said in the post.

      All the best Liz and thanks again.


  4. George Nieves
    4 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    I don’t think I’m up to writing articles outside of my blog just yet, but I certainly found your post informative and I’m bookmarking it for when I get further down the road!

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey George,

      that’s fine buddy, I’m just pleased you thought it useful. For the record, the few dozen or so that I have up on Ezine Articles and others, do send a constant trickle of visitors to the linked sites. Might be worth considering 🙂

      Thanks for commenting George.


  5. Bill
    4 years ago

    Paul what a great read!

    Thanks you have given me lots to think about in an area I had not considered. Question is can I do the 10 articles and then keep going?

    really looking forward to part two!

    many thanks

    Bill would luv you to read …Internet Marketing…and The Secret To SuccessMy Profile

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Bill,

      thanks a bunch for stopping by and reading. I’m glad you found something of interest in there, and yes, you sure can do those 10 articles and keep going.

      Part 2 coming up soon by the way, – so stay tuned 🙂

      All the best buddy,


  6. The Great Gordino
    4 years ago

    another great post Paul! Lots of good advice – interested to see what you have in the next one!
    The Great Gordino would luv you to read …100 Years Of Ignoring Your Opportunities?My Profile

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Gordon,

      thanks for your comment. You’re so right in what you said on FB, I do include too much stuff in any one post. I could break it down and have heaps of posts from the same information. The thing is, I write like I talk, and in truth, I am something of a torrential talker – lol 😉

      All the best pal,


  7. Jesse Munguia
    4 years ago

    Great post Paul. Excellent advice.

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Jesse,

      thanks for stopping by and commenting man, it’s seriously appreciated. Hope you get some use from it. Good luck with the MM course by the way 🙂

      All the best,


  8. Kent Brown (KBrown)
    4 years ago

    Hey Paul hows it going my friend? Great read as always … I love your style. I want to do this, I just havent put the time into it. I write about 25 articals a month on my blog so I do have materail. Am just not a super good writer. I admit am to the point…. I to expound upon my point a lil more with some flair? I will try to write better for the people and of the people!

    Thanks brotha for the killer content and I will be back for more!

    Take care and may you have great success!

    Kent Brown (KBrown) would luv you to read …How To Use Social Marketing – LinkedIn & Pinterest EtiquetteMy Profile

    • Paul H
      4 years ago

      Hey Kent,

      thanks for stopping by matey, it’s always nice to see people coming back for a visit.

      You seem interested in article writing but are a little uncertain of your skill level. All I’d suggest is that EzineArticles.com have a regular ezine that gives all sorts of tips on how to write correctly to keep your audience gripped. That could be worth taking a look at.

      If I’m honest, I haven’t really used them too much myself as I’m a bit of a torrential writer once I get going.

      Keep up the good work buddy, – and it’s great to see you back again.


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