How To Rebrand PLR | PLR Rebranding Video

By Paul Henderson

How to Rebrand a PLR Product ?  After volunteering to show my by now famous Rebranding PLR video to someone who reached out for help on the Warrior Forum, I was deluged with requests from other people wanting in on the action.

So I’m thinking that rather than keep repeating the same information in my PM replies, I may as well just post it here and get folks to come over to my Blog to view it. 

I have to say, I’ve loved being able to help these good folks, and if there’s anything else I can help you good peeps with, you only have to ask – seriously 🙂

Ok – here’s the vid that’s been driving everyone wild. 


Video Duration is 28.09 minutes…

“How to Rebrand a PLR Product or eBook” is available as a PDF for those who need to have the info at their fingertips as they work. The cost is just $3.95 by clicking the following link…

This video and PDF show you step by step How to Rebrand PLR and in doing so create a product which can be much better than the original and which reflects your own personal style and brand.

You should never just buy a PLR product and offer it to your customers and prospects ‘as is’. You MUST rebrand PLR product – every time!

Why? Because potentially lots of other marketers with no imagination will already have bought the same private label rights ebook which they handed out as is because they were too lazy to rebrand it and make it their own. This means that if you do the same, you risk giving them the exact same product the others did – which can only ever make you look tacky.

That’s never going to help sell your unique style now is it?

If you follow the steps I teach in this PLR rebranding video, you’ll have a fantastic product that will stand the test of time. This PLR rebranding knowledge is invaluable for any newbie, or indeed any seasoned, Internet Marketer.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please do comment below and share on Facebook and G+ etc 🙂

Thanks for watching – How to Rebrand a PLR Product.

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If you came to this page from the Warrior Forum, don’t forget that part of the deal was to share it on Facebook.

Other viewers, if you like it, and why wouldn’t you?, then can you also please share on Facebook, Twitter and the Big G+  ….. there’s good peeps 🙂

The link to the original video on Youtube is here…

Ok I’m outta here.


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  1. Torsten Müller
    3 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    great information about PLR and how to rebrand it. A lot of people forget about it and use it as is, so they don’t use PLR as its full potential.

    Torsten Müller would luv you to read …Plan Ahead With A WordPress Scheduling PluginMy Profile

    • Hendosrus
      3 years ago

      Hey Torsten,

      thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment buddy – I appreciate it. I’ve used this process heaps of times and the product you come up with is really something you can be proud of. I got heaps of requests for that video off the WF too btw, – that’s why I put it on my blog in the end – lol

      Anyway I hope it helps peeps.

      All the best bud’


  2. Antonio Matos
    2 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    I did enjoy your video very much, you did everything in a step by step approach.

    So Paul have a great day.

    Antonio Matos

    • Hendosrus
      2 years ago

      Hi Antonio,

      you’re very welcome mate – I’m pleased you enjoyed it. Good luck with your rebranding 🙂

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