Privacy Policy does not obtain nor collect any personal details or contact information from its visitors for marketing purposes.

The only information that may be collected from visitors is essential geographic, IP and referral information, and on-site navigation patterns for the express purpose of tracking the website traffic statistics.

This information is used solely to improve our website and enhance the user experience.  It also allows us to measure the effectiveness of any advertising or marketing schemes we may undertake from time to time.

Data is never scrutinised nor evaluated on an individual user basis.  It is only ever used as an aggregated pattern on a collective scale.  We simply use it to look at overall patterns based on information collected from thousands of visitors.

This data is collected, and stored, by our selected traffic analysis service.  All data is stored safely and securely, and is never publicly available. Only will ever have access to this statistical data.  There is never an exception to this rule.

This data is collected by means of a simple javascript script on each page of,  and will not interfere with, nor affect the users internet browsing program or experience, in any way whatsoever. solemnly undertakes never to use Spyware, Adware, Viruses, Trojans or any other form of invasive or intrusive malware programs for any purpose whatsoever.

We are totally 100% safe to use.

If you have any concerns or questions about using our website, or our statistical tracking practices,please contact us at –


Thank you.

Paul Henderson


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