A Workman is Only As Good As His Tools

… how many times have you heard that ?  The thing is, it’s so true in this business, as in everything.Simple Traffic Solutions

When you first start out in Internet marketing, what I said before is true – you don’t need to spend much money on tools and services.  But as you progress and begin to understand more about it, as you begin to see where it can take you, you’ll become more willing to look at additional tools and services that can help you get there. 

It’s certainly true that most of the tasks we do in our Internet Marketing business can be done quicker and better with the right tools.  And so, my intention here is to help my subscribers and friends to work more quickly and effectively through introducing them to the ‘right tools’ for the job in these areas.

Without exception, these are all tools that I use literally all the time to get my work done. So I thought it would be helpful if you knew about these tools too.  I’ll certainly be adding to this page as I move along and discover new products that I can rave about. So please do visit this page from time to time, or when you want to see what I use to do my stuff.

Disclosure:  Please be aware that some of the links below are affiliate links.  That means that if you decide to purchase, then I’ll make a small commission.  Quite soon, some of you will earn commissions like this too, so please don’t be afraid to buy through an affiliate link as they’re called.  And please understand that the cost to you is identical whether you purchase thru my link or direct from the site – there’s absolutely no difference. And please also keep in mind that I would never recommend a product if I wasn’t a raving fan user myself.  ALL the products listed here are products I use on a daily basis.  And I’m recommending them because they do a stellar job, and certainly not because of the small amount of commission I’ll make.  In fact, my advice to you would be not to spend any money on products, unless you’re sure you need them to achieve your goals.

OK, let’s see what’s available to help you.  Click on the name of an item if you want to get more details, or to download or purchase……

Advertising Tools:

  • Google Adsense: Did you know you can make money by allowing Google to place relevant ads on your website.  They’re generated by advertisers using the Google Adwords concept. The service is totally free to use, but you do have to register for an account.  When someone visits your site, sees the Ad’ (placed by Google) and clicks, you make a small commission.  Some people run huge business this way. But it’s very susceptible to the regular Google algorithm re-hashes.  I DO NOT use Google Adsense on my sites – simply because it’s not the path I’ve taken.
  • Google Adwords: The partner to Google Adsense.  The Adwords customers are the ones that create the Ads that Google will place on your site.  You can advertise using Google Adwords yourself, but I strongly urge you not to unless you have very deep pockets 😉 Maybe when you’re more accomplished.  

Auto Responders:

  • AWeber: I’ve only ever used AWeber so I can’t comment on other companies with any authority.  The reason I went with Aweber is simply because they are an American company, and America is my largest market.  So it makes sense for me to go with a company that will know and comply with all the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission to the letter.  In addition, Aweber maintain an incredible service which I feel has to be second to none.  AWeber is the largest of all the Auto Responder companies around.  
  • GetResponse: Is another huge company and is very popular.  My only reservation is that to the best of my knowledge they’re Polish, which COULD mean they may not feel as compelled to comply with the full requirements of the FCC.  But that’s just an idea on my part and is not based on anything I’ve heard or read.  As far as I know, they have very many customers who sing their praises.  

Click Tracking:

  • Quality Click Control: This is not something you’ll need at the start, but when you reach the stage where you want to buy traffic to send to your Squeeze Page, among other things, you’ll need Click Tracking Software.  There are several around, but this came recommended to me as being the best there is, and so I bought this one.  It does everything and more that it promised, and the support is killer if you should need it.   


  • GFX-1: I’ve tried many graphics guys in my time, but I’m sticking with this guy.  GFX-1 graphics are the BEST there is – bar none. Whether you want just an ebook cover, a set of banner ads, or a full blown Sales page, these guys can do the lot!  Originally, I went for cheap, until I discovered that not only was the service quite poor, but the graphics were poor too.  Unfortunately, when you’re new, poor graphics don’t really stand out to you, because to a newcomer anything that’s even a little bit fancy looks good to your untrained eye. The graphics on the Page you bought Email Profit Explosion from were done by GFX-1.  Click the name to take a fresh look at the page again – those graphics are killer and converted really well.  And for the record, that’s ALL you want your graphics to do – CONVERT!  
  • Short Codes Deluxe: This WordPress Plugin allows you to easily create incredible professional quality graphics for your Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages and any other page, in mere minutes.  See the Week 8 video of the same title for a demonstration of it’s remarkable capabilities.


  • GoDaddy Hosting: I’ve had GoDaddy Hosting almost since I started Internet Marketing, and they have been great.  Their support is excellent, and depending on which country you live in, you may get a local support number, rather than having to phone the USA if you need voice support. But they do email support too. GoDaddy is also a Registrar meaning that you can purchase your domains from them also.  And when you do that, you don’t have to worry about setting up Name Servers as they do all that for you automatically.  Setting Name Servers is not hard, but when you’re new it can be a bit daunting.
  • WKD-1 Hosting: I also use WKD-1 hosting simply because I thought it would be good to not have all my eggs in one basket.  WKD-1 is way smaller than any of the big dudes in town, like GoDaddy, but can also offer the sort of service with a smile that usually small companies are better at.  These guys are not registrars, meaning that you can’t purchase your domain from them.  So you WILL have to set up name servers if you purchase hosting here. But don’t let that little thing stop you – it’s easy enough to do!

Images and Stock Photos:

  • iStockPhoto: These guys work by asking you to buy credits up front, which you then use up as you purchase and download images and photos.  They’re a great site and I flit between these guys and the next guys I listed, to see who’s cheapest for a particular image, as they often have many of the same images but sometimes at surprisingly different prices(credits).  
  • Fotolia: The same style of site as the one above.  Both these sites have something unique to offer, so I recommend you have an account with both.  Some of the images can be found on both sites, and many are unique to just one or the other.   

Keyword Analysis:

  • Long Tail Pro: I don’t do much in the way of Keyword Analysis now, because the type of marketing I do and teach doesn’t need it.  But I used to do a lot, and Long Tail Pro was the easiest of the two that I tried.  I also tried Market Samurai, which was very good, but a bit convoluted in parts I felt.  So in the end, I decided to spend my money on Long Tail Pro.   A benefit is that you get free upgrades for life with LTP.  And the service is excellent if you should need support.

Niche Selection:

  • Niche Navigator: There are many ways to easily arrive at a great niche.  I detail 3 very simple but effective ways here on this site in the EPE eBook, and Method #3 has an accompanying video that makes it really easy for you to follow.  But if you feel you need more help, the definitive guide for the whole story on Niche Selection is the product I mention here.  This book is by renowned UK marketer John Thornhill, and costs just a few bucks.  It certainly is a worthwhile purchase, and I have my own copy.  

PLR Stores:

  • Master-Resale-Rights: These guys have a huge selection of PLR and other material.  Most of the things I’ve bought have come from this place, simply because they have some contributors who are particularly good at producing PLR material, so I’ve tended to just go back and look for stuff by the same set of guys. That’s just my personal preference, but there’s no reason not to start looking either here or the next one down.
  • The PLR Store: Of course, this is the obvious name for a PLR Store.  These guys too have pretty much anything you’re ever likely to need.  Check them out when you need PLR for your next project, or even to use with your DFY LIST BUILDING MACHINES if you purchased them as an option to EPE.  

Small Jobs – Anything:

  • Fiverr: Go to Fiverr.com for any sort of small job from eCover Design to Facebook Fanpage likes. But don’t expect the quality of graphics to be anything like GFX-1 listed above.  These guys are fine for cheapie type jobs where quality is not imperative.

Site Visitor Tracking:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a first class tool for keeping tracking of site visitors.  With this free tool, you can see when your visitors visited, where they came from, who they were referred by, their device type and OS, and a whole load of other stuff too numerous to mention here.   All my sites have GA installed – and so should yours.

Video Production:

  • Camtasia: Very soon you are going to want to record yourself and/or your computer screen.  I tried the free Screen Recording programs, trying to cut corners, and eventually came to the conclusion that a paid product would be the better way to go.  And this is surely “The King of the Video Production Programs” – without a doubt.  It’s not cheap, but nothing this good ever is.  This sets the standard that others follow.  You get free upgrades for life, and all I can say is you won’t be sorry if you buy this.  But it is about $297 from memory, – so like I said, it’s not cheap.  But it is well worth the outlay in my opinion.  
  • Easy Video Suite (EVS): This incredible screen production utility allows you to create amazing videos that are 100% optimised for the web.  You can have CTA buttons come up at a certain time either inside the movie area or outside.  You can design your own screen player, share to FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ etc, and a whole host of other features.  Your videos can be made to halt when the viewer leaves the screen.  You can have the video play in a light box. Have Optin or other CTA devices come up at the start of a video – ON SCREEN – and the viewer has to complete the action BEFORE the video continues playing.  This is the most amazing video production product specifically designed for the web.  Please note that it doesn’t have the same general video production features as Camtasia.  EVS is designed specifically for the web.
  • Screencast-O-Matic: Of the free screen recorders that I tried, this was the easiest to use and actually the best product too.  But compared to Camtasia, not surprisingly, it has very limited features.  But it’s a great way to get introduced to the world of screen recording, and I know of other Marketers far more advanced than I, that use this all the time. That said, their demands for screen recording are not all that great, – just simple videos showing how to do something or get a quick message across.  

Website Page Creation Platforms:

  • Optimize Press: Without doubt, Optimize Press would have to be one of the biggest time savers I’ve ever bought.  You can use it to create pages for your Membership Sites (like this one), to create text and video Sales Letters, to host your Blog, and a whole load more stuff.  It comes with a whole load of templates that make page creation incredibly simple.  For the price they ask for it, it’s a steal and it should cost more.  It sits on top of WordPress, which I’m sure you’re acquainted with by now, and mostly it’s self explanatory.  But they have a whole load of tutorial videos if you need them, as well as a support line.

OK guys, that’s all I have to talk about for now.  I will come back and add products as and when I have something I feel happy enough using to rave about.

To your success,

Kindest regards,


Paul Henderson