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Read My honest CPA Drill Review To See Why it’s Different To Other CPA Methods Out There And The Step by Step Case Study that Generates $105.60 Per Day With Just 45 Minutes of Easy Work


Hey guys, I’m Paul Henderson and today I’m reviewing CPA DRILL, the latest product from Ivana Bosnjak, Ram Rawat and Momen Khaiti.

Look – total honesty – this is a great product in it’s simplicity and potential.

Is it worth buying?  I genuinely believe it is BECAUSE it presents an easily actionable path for newbies and those wanting to get started in CPA to get started making money online.

And for the price of the front end product, it’s actually a NO-BRAINER.

Read on for the deets…

These are all super nice guys and gals and they’re also super accomplished marketers and product creators.  So I have no doubt that CPA DRILL will be another winner.

If you know these guys and the quality of their work and you just want to buy CPA DRILL, click the button below and just be happy that it comes with the usual “30 Day” money back guarantee” for peace of mind – just in case you change your mind or it’s not what you expected…


Please note: – CPA DRILL launches 28th September 2018 at 10am EDT


CPA DRILL is presented primarily as a series of videos, but a PDF is also included. 

Throughout, the information is extremely clearly explained – because the creators actually use these exact same methods they teach in their own businesses.


Who is CPA DRILL for?

Take a look, – is this you?


So if this is you, then CPA Drill is definitely something you should consider getting since it uses tried and tested methods that just plain work.


Let me say that I’ve gone through every one of the videos in this course and while they’re good, I don’t 100% agree with some of the bullet points made….

Typically, – “HUGE DAILY PROFITS – with minimum set up time

Ok, that could be a bit misleading if only because, unless you’re driving endless paid traffic or you’re lucky enough to find a huge paying offer that converts above average, you probably won’t make HUGE daily profits initially.  The target we’re aiming for is about $105 per day.

WHICH, in itself is not to be sneezed at and would actually be life-changing for most people.  So in saying what I’ve said, it’s not a negative point about the product – it’s just a bit more realistic.

But the individual bullet points definitely hold true and this product CAN get you earning in double quick time.  It’s also worth pointing out that you can scale up quickly by plowing your profits back in.


Does this system bring in consistent commissions?

It certainly can if you apply yourself consistently.  The method involves a 4 step process as follows….


Knowing the individual steps that will deliver us our $105 days, Ram then goes on to show us proof that they did indeed earn the target amount…



So you can see that we’re going to be making our CPA Drill profits by promoting an offer through Max Bounty.  

Indeed, Ram makes a consistent living from the CPA method he promotes in CPA Drill.


Scaling Up

Ram goes on to show us more evidence that over time this method CAN produce very impressive results…


So from the proof we’ve seen, you can be confident that this method works well after having grasped the very simple method involved.  And he doesn’t leave that to chance, – there’s no guesswork involved here.  CPA DRILL details the exact blueprint you will use…..




What You Don’t Need

  • Any prior experience.
  • No product creation
  • No technical expertise
  • And you don’t even have to ‘guess’ which CPA products to choose.

Everything is spelled out in detail for you – the EXACT method !



Case Studies – Show Exact Method

Plus there’s an included case study detailing an actual over the shoulder look at what Ram does to earn his moolah. 

No surprises. No guesswork. 




How Much is CPA DRILL?

The front end is $13 rising to $17 over the launch period


Why Buy CPA Drill?

You might be thinking, – “Why BUY a product like CPA Drill?“, when all you need to do is go set up and account with Max Bounty and start plodding away.

The fact is, it’s not as simple as that.  This path is full of pitfalls and you could waste a load of time, effort AND money.  The path taught inside CPA Drill is stuff Ram has learned over time from experience.  He’s fine-tuned the technique so that YOU can benefit from his mistakes.

So for the tiny price being asked, it just makes sense to follow his method to avoid falling into the same traps he did along the way.



There are some OTOs as you might expect, and they’re great!  Let’s take a look



A series of 10 x DFY Campaigns …. priced at $37


A case study with further bonuses … priced at $27


The Coaching Program …. priced at $37pm with a $1 trial for 7 days




The following 3 Amazing Bonuses Come With Your CPA DRILL Direct From Ivana…


Bonus #1:


So a checklist is ALWAYS a great idea, simply because it provides an easy way of checking that you’ve done the things you need to do – IN THE RIGHT ORDER!  Simples 🙂


Bonus #2:


It’s always valuable to be able to chat with others in the same boat so see what’s working and what’s not.  So here you get access to the group where everybody is on the same page and encouraging each other in the path to making consistent daily income.

Bonus #3:



“PLUS – When You Buy CPA DRILL Thru My Exclusive Link, You’ll Receive The Following Bonuses to Make This Training Even BETTER……”




“Emergency Cash Boost” – (Former Product of The Day Winner)

This PDF Outlines Extra Easy Ways to Suck in More Cash When You Need it Most

Bonus #2

“$1.2k in 2 Days With Affiliate Marketing”

A PDF Case Study Showing How Ram Made $1.2k in Just 2 Days with Affiliate Marketing

Bonus #3

9 Minute Commissions

A Video Tutorial Showing The Quickest Way to Collect Commissions Online

Bonus #4

Viral Image Collection

Stop Struggling For the Right Images.  This Collection Has Thousands of Quality Images For Every Occasion

Bonus #5

$.002 Traffic in Any Niche

The Title Says it All.  Get Cheap Traffic for .2c Per Click in ANY Niche


As you can see, these bonuses are really going to help get this flying.

Look – total honesty – this is a great product in it’s simplicity and potential.

Is it worth buying?  I genuinely believe it is BECAUSE it presents an easily actionable path for newbies to get started making money online.

And for the price of the front end product, it’s actually a NO-BRAINER.

PLUS it comes with the usual 100% peace of mind refund guarantee…


What Do Others Say About CPA Drill?



Ok, so now you know all there is to know about CPA DRILL, click the link below to get your first campaign set up as soon as TODAY! 



“Buy CPA Drill Now And Start Your First Campaign by Today!”





Or you may watch my CPA Drill Review from Youtube right here


TIP: – For another great way to make money online CLICK HERE to see Email Cash Formula

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      Excellent review Paul. Thank you sir.

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