How to Promote an Affiliate Link

Let Paul Show You How to Promote an Affiliate Link correctly…


Hi this is Paul Henderson and today I want to talk to you about …


… affiliate marketing, and earn extra cash in the process!

Firstly, Why Should I Mask My Affiliate Links?

You know, affiliate Marketing can be an exciting way for people to get started in internet marketing because it’s relatively easy and it’s fun.

But it’s not much fun when you put a load of time and effort into it, only to find your links were hacked and someone stole your commissions!

So to make sure you receive EVERY dollar you’re entitled to you really need to cloak, or disguise, ALL your affiliate marketing links.


That’s right, if you want to stop commission thieves taking your hard earned commission dollars, you have to mask your affiliate links. If you don’t think this will happen to you, think again. It happens all the time!

But it’s not all bad news as there are some great benefits to cloaking too….

Firstly, correctly cloaked links will avoid SPAM filters categorizing your messages as SPAM and ditching them before they even reach their destination. This can happen when you use free link shorteners such as tinyURL and – as these are typically used by spammers.


And secondly, your links will look nicer and people will click on them more.  That’s good, right?

Of course it is.


So How Do I ‘Cloak’ My Links?

Well, this usually involves setting up a professional link cloaking script…..

And that’s where a lot of folks can get lost and confused in the technical world of creating databases etc.

Or they can spend way more than they need to.

Or both!


But all is not lost, because a few days ago I got the chance to look at a new tool that has all the benefits of other more expensive programs, without the hefty price tag.



What does a Cloaked Link look like?

You’ve probably seen promotional emails where the sender asks you to click on an affiliate link that looks something like this one…


This is a cloaked link and a quick look at it instantly tells us ….

1) The product source (GuruMarketer)
2) A hint that it could be good (recommended)
3) The name of the product itself

So you can quickly see three of the most important things about this product…

1) Do you know & trust this marketer?
2) You can see that it comes recommended, and…
3) You can quickly decide if the product is any use to you?


And that friends is why links like this…   http://GuruMarketer/recommends/product-xyz


Outperform links like this (from Clickbank for eg), – every time!


I promise you, people are much more reluctant to click on the lower kind of link since it’s just a jumble of characters, has no trust value, and it could take them anywhere.

The neater looking  top link has been constructed using a Link Cloaking software, and those benefits once again are….

1) Avoid your links being flagged as spam
2) Nicer to look at leads to more clicks and more money!
3) No more losing money from commission thieving.

And that my friends is exactly why and how to promote an affiliate link.


What Do I Do Now?

Affiliate Marketers love LINK SUPERCHARGER because it’s an ‘A’ Grade Link Cloaking software that does all these things for you, – very quickly and simply.

And like I said – this amazing script is so easy to use, and can be installed by anyone in just a couple of minutes – even if you have NO techie skills whatsoever !

In the world of affiliate marketing, Link Supercharger instantly makes you look more professional.  And when I tell you you can have it installed and up & working in less than 10 minutes, you’d be mad not to give it a try.

I’ll be totally honest, – many link cloaking softwares can do all this.  But few are as simple to install and use as Link Supercharger, and NONE are as cheap to buy.


That’s because most other commercial link cloaking softwares are only available by monthly subscription.

Take ClickMagick for example – they currently charge US$17 per month unless you want to pay $144 for a whole year at once.

At Link Supercharger, we want you to have all the benefits without that hefty price tag.


Look, you’re an affiliate marketer.

You earn your income through affiliate marketing.

And now you know why and how to promote an affiliate link correctly.


Do yourself a favor – for a limited time, you can grab Link Supercharger US$14.95 as a one-off fee.


Click this link NOW, before I come to my senses and stop almost giving this away.




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