Social Cash Machine – My Honest Review

Hey guys, it’s Paul Henderson here and today I want to talk to you about Rob Reece’s new product, – Social Cash Machine.

I’m gonna start by saying that this HAS to be the best value ten bucks I’ve ever spent. This product is awesome and I’m gonna tell you why.


I like Rob a lot – he has a nice easy going style about him, and I’m secretly a little bit jealous of how fast he’s become very successful at affiliate marketing, lol.

But that’s because he puts in the effort. He does the work and he gets results.

And that’s what he shares with us in this product…

HOW TO START WITH NOTHING and quickly get to earning up to $100 paydays and beyond.

Firstly, I’ll talk about the sales page.

Rob introduces himself in a short video.

social cash machine review

Then you can see that this product is…

– 100% proven method.
– totally newbie friendly
– not high tech
– it doesn’t take much time
– get it going in less than an hour
– no list build necessary to make it work.

So what this all means is that literally anyone can make this work.  It’s perfect for newbies and more experienced marketers alike.

See the results Rob gets with this method – 100 buck days are no stranger to Rob.

social cash machine review

What you don’t need is:

– no websites
– no hosting
– no costly tools like page builders and stuff
– no paid traffic

social cash machine review

So you can easily see how these things make this method perfect for anyone but especially for beginners.

And all this in just 56 minutes a day for Rob!

social cash machine review


Ok, let’s now take a look in the members area.

Now I will say beforehand, that if you only bought the front end product like I did, then the members area is gonna be pretty empty! Lol.

Ok, firstly, Rob tells us about his upcoming webinar that will show us how to get unlimited free traffic.

Then he shows us a short video to introduce himself.

And then we get to the download link for the SOCIAL CASH MACHINE PDF.

And then, importantly, are his bonuses. This is huge guys.

social cash machine review

You are going to get – totally FREE – ENGAGELY by Jon Moss.

This is going to really help you build your social media presence. It’s jam packed with all sorts of copy and paste social media ads, headlines and email swipes – all proven to convert so that you can copy and paste your way to amazing pay days.

So you’re definitely gonna want to get Rob’s product, because it’s amazing in itself, but with Engagely added for FREE this is just a complete no-brainer.

Now the one thing neither of these products address is “List Building“.

So for my personal bonuses when you buy thru my link, I’m going to give you my special training…

“How to Build Your Buyer List with Affiliate Sales”.

social cash machine review


And I’m also going to give you, completely free, my List Building training…

“How to Build a Bigger List in 30 Days”.

social cash machine review


So there you have it.

Click the link and grab all these amazing products for a measly $10

This is the link ==>


See y’all next time

social cash machine review

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