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It’s another glorious day in downtown Perth, Western Australia.  The weather man tells us we have some rain tomorrow as a change from our otherwise endlessly sunny Autumn days.  Anyway, I really hope that things are moving swimmingly for you too – wherever you are.

My latest post is, in my opinion, one of the most inspirational things I’ve read in a long while.  It’s not something I’ve written myself however, but I really wanted to share this information.  When I saved this content, I did so for my own benefit only – long before I had a blog. And I never for a moment thought I’d be sharing it online.  For this reason, I don’t have the name of the owner of the post, for which I apologize.  Whoever he is, I’m confident he wouldn’t object to me sharing in this way.

It was a reply to someone who posted on Warrior Forum some years ago now.  The original poster, to whom he was replying, was frustrated and angry that he seemed unable to progress in his online aspirations – despite having continually bought product after product and spent countless hours studying over the course of several years.

Anyhow, this was the gentleman’s reply ….


Hi Mr X

I just read your post and can definitely relate.
Rather than say I have great advice to give you, I have some questions for you to ask yourself because what I observe is your need to evaluate some of your core beliefs.

After reading your posts, it’s very obvious you have the intelligence and knowledge you need.

More knowledge is not the answer. 

From early childhood, we are taught we need more knowledge, so we go to school and are told to learn more so we can be “successful”.

We spend the first couple of decades of our life going to school to learn more.  Suddenly, we’ve graduated from high school and need to go to college to learn more. Of course, to really know enough, we should consider grad school!

See a pattern here?

We get “real world” jobs and become disillusioned… “Is this why I spent 15 years of my life in school?”

The search for something better begins and we stumble upon internet marketing. It seems rather simple at the beginning, and it actually could be. 

But there’s a voice inside your head saying…. “You know, you’re really not good enough, you’re probably going to fail at this”.

The problem is that that voice is the voice of Knowledge.

And though it’s not speaking the truth, it’s the only one we hear.

To avoid the pain of failure, our ego kicks back into a mode of protecting itself from failure. How does it do that?  By telling you more knowledge is the answer.  So we buy more shiny objects and accumulate more knowledge.

You see, if you’re spending your time learning instead of acting on what you know, you can’t (put yourself in a position to) fail.

The problem is that by avoiding the fear of failure, we’re withering away on the vine.

Deep down inside all of us, the truth is trying to claw its way to the surface through the barriers that the ego has erected.

 So what is this Truth?  In my opinion it’s this:

You know enough.”

If you’ve been at this for so long and the last 2 years are worse than the first two, realize that additional knowledge is only making it worse.

If you find yourself about to click the “buy now” button, turn off your computer for five short minutes and write down why you need the new shiny object, how it fits into your business and why you have to have it now.

If we were farmers, would we need to learn new ways to farm or get out in the fields to reap and sow?

You know enough and it’s time to head out to the fields. Start simple. Don’t try to plough the entire field at once.
Do it one row at a time. Don’t start another row until you finish the first one.

The harvest will be rather weak if you have fifty rows, each partially planted with a different crop.

By the way, I’m not some super guru farmer, but I did finally take a look out at the field and said….

“WTF? – Unless you get your act together, this is going to be a pretty lean harvest!”


END of Post…


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    2 replies to "You Know Enough To Progress …"

    • Sergio Felix

      Hey Paul, fantastic read man!

      Sometimes we’re at this for so long, that it takes somebody else’s to tell you what the heck are we doing wrong.

      One of the main reasons I was doing a ton of things myself was because I was literally throwing sh*t at a wall and seeing what would stick but doing so, only spread my entire focus all over the place and that got me to never finish something.

      Thank you for pointing out this post, it definitely has some pearls of wisdom in it!

      PS. The warrior forum, it’s been AGES since I actually really used the forum, I logged in about 2-3 days ago just to see if I still had my warrior account live and I do! lol

    • Paul Henderson

      Hey Sergio, – I’m glad you liked it. It gave me clarity too when I first saw it, but for some reason I also didn’t act on that clarity and that’s the reason it took me so long to finally get focused. The sh*t sticking approach is probably one that everyone tries in the faint hope that they somehow find that clue to overnight riches that, amazingly, no-one else has found yet! In the end like we always should have known, only hard work and diligence pays off.

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