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How to Protect an Affiliate Link with Link Supercharger

How to Protect an Affiliate Link with Link Supercharger ….. Hey folks, this is Paul Henderson back after a bit of a break. Today I want to show you exactly How to Protect an Affiliate Link. If I can I take a couple of minutes of your time, you’re gonna love this so please read…

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How to be a Richer Affiliate in 3 Easy Steps

If you want to make more money and more commissions this week then just do this… #1. Find the top products that are making affiliates money right now. #2. Build an affiliate page to promote those top products with. #3. Send lots and lots of traffic to your affiliate page.   Do this and you…

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The True meaning of Independence Day

I’m no history buff but it’s my understanding Independence Day is something the U.S.A. celebrates every year because; They escaped the evil tyranny of their “bosses”. (AKA – the Brits). And bosses don’t come much nastier than Brits back in those days – just ask India. Anyway – before this dives into a historico-politico-religious minefield…

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