A Bit About Me …

The place I’ve been proud to call home these past 25 years is sunny Perth in the lush south west of Western Australia. 

If you can imagine, just Western Australia without the rest of the country is about the same size as the whole of Europe or half of the USA, yet has a population of just 4 million. 

Visitors have so much difficulty getting used to the vast amount of space there is, especially between towns where you may not see another car or person, or anything for miles..and miles..and miles ! 

Yet Perth itself is a beautiful modern city.  Modern and elegant with everything a person could wish for.  And that’s exactly why Perth, along with 3 other Australian cities (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide) made it into the “The World’s 10 Best Cities To Live In”  Imagine that – four Aussie cities voted into the Top 10 – wow!

Turning to the past somewhat, I started my working life at sea, back in the days when the British Merchant Navy was a real force in world shipping. I was a ship’s Radio Officer, and from being just a youngster, I’d always known I wanted to be a scurvy sea dog!  “Shiver me timbers me ‘earties, there be landlubbers approaching abaft”. 

Well, 10 years quietly slipped by and before I knew it, the times they were a changing. And my time at sea was done. Ten years in what seemed like the blink of an eye.

Coming ashore, I looked for something to replace the exciting job I’d enjoyed so much. I thought it would be impossible to find.  But on advice from a guy I knew, I re-trained as a Mainframe Computer Engineer, which at that time were the size of a pair of wardrobes stuck together. If you’re younger than about 45, you probably won’t remember those.  Inside each cabinet was usually a great big disk drive – either a Diablo or a Marathon. It took two grown men to lift a 2.5MB Diablo Disk Drive – it was the size of half a filing cabinet and weighed plenty.  For 2.5MB, it’s hard to imagine now.

Well, some years later, seeking an ever more adventurous lifestyle, I came to live down under. That was in 1982, and I’ve been here ever since. 

It was here that I met my wife, started a family, – then started a business from scratch which we kept going for 15 years, before selling out a few years ago now. That was where we really learned the true value of being your own boss. 

For some time now, I have really wanted to become a successful Internet Marketer.   I was slow on the uptake of all things internet which didn’t help, but once I got going on it, I knew that I could be good at it with the right learning and training.

And that my friends, is why I’m here now.  This is the story of my incredible Internet Marketing Journey.  I’m never quite sure what’s around the next corner, – why  not stick around and see how I go.

Everything I do on my path to success will be logged right here for you to see – right here in this blog.

Kindest regards,