How to Massively Increase Your Income With Attraction Marketing

I thought I’d write a quick post to let you guys know about a FREE Cheat Sheet I have on offer as it’s something that has benefited me enormously and I’m thinking some of you may find it helpful too.

Actually, if you prefer to watch, you can scroll down to the bottom to see the youtoob video I put together.  Otherwise, please read on.

So it’s been put together by one of the superstars of Internet Marketing – a one David Walker – who has had astounding success and if anyone knows how Attraction Marketing should be done, – it’s him.


What IS Attraction Marketing?

I’m guessing that most of you will know what this is, but just in case you don’t this is for you.  So you’ll be aware that one of the most difficult parts of the equation for many marketers is finding leads.  We chase them here, there and everywhere typically.  Does that ring a bell?

Well with attraction marketing, you find a way to get them to understand that YOU are a “Go To” figure in your chosen niche or business model, so that when you speak, they hang on your every word.

That is what is known as ‘Attraction Marketing’, and it can be done by many methods, although perhaps Facebook is the one you are most likely to use and therefore is the one to which this post refers.


How Does it Work?

Well basically in a nutshell it involves you posting stuff on Facebook that people like and which consequently gets a lot of engagement and interaction.  This in turn establishes you as an authority figure in your niche arena.  The process is cumulative and before you know it, currently unimaginable levels of engagement are possible.


What Do You Have to Post?

Essentially it can be anything as long as it’s entertaining, useful, relevant, educational, interesting – you get the picture.  But it’s no good posting crap even if you think it fits the bill, because it won’t attract the engagement you need and you’ll end up quitting because it “doesn’t work”.

But it does work when done right.  And these leads are the best because they can easily be turned into rabid buyers that will be loyal to you for months and even years.


Does it Actually Work?

Of course it does.  Look at the results this guys gets.  And seriously, David’s list is only about 600 in size.  But they are his adoring fans on account of the value he provides and that’s why between 1 third and a half of his list comment on his every post!

attraction marketing

Can I do that?

Possibly.  But probably not as quickly as you’d like.  Like most skills, this is one of those that build cumulatively.  But you’ll be able to get started immediately and see the improvements daily as I have.  Getting started is the important thing and then build on small improvements as time goes by.  In no time at all you’ll be getting engagement like you’d never dreamed possible.

I started using this a few days ago and the cheat sheet is fantastically helpful.  It shows the 5 Things You Must Do to Increase Your Facebook Engagement.  It’s crammed with useful stuff. 

But I have to admit – I decided to cheat a bit. 

attraction marketing


I Cheated !

Yup, – I wanted this to happen asap so I paid $7 and purchased the “Done For You” status updates/facebook posts because I’m not imaginative enough to create my own quickly.  So for 7 measly bux I got the Cheat Sheet AND about a year’s supply of BONUS Facebook Posts.  I’m stoked.

So when you buy this amazing set of status updates for $7, you get all this lot free too as a bonus…

attraction marketing

But you can just grab the Cheat Sheet if you want – it’s totally FREE.

Ok, that all I wanted to say about this.

If you want it, the button to click is right below. 

Just click it, – enter your email, take a look at the offer from David Walker – the master of ‘Internet Marketing’ – and grab your free Cheat Sheet totally – erm free.

attraction marketing


Ok, here’s the video for those that prefer to watch.

And in case it wasn’t obvious, the link to click is up above for that FREE cheat sheet.

Until next time my friends, I’m done!

Oh – I forgot.  If you liked this, please feel free to like or share it on your social media.

Have a great week troops.

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