List Building Basics – Part 1

List Building for newbies can be daunting.  There’s uncertainty about how to get started and newbies are often afraid of dipping their toes in the water for fear of what might be lurking.

The cause of that fear stems from lack of knowledge, obviously, since they have no way of knowing what they’re getting themselves into.  The water could be just cold, but it might also be filled with all sorts of unimaginable horrors. 

One thing’s for sure, that uncertainty can cause their enthusiasm to dwindle to the point where they avoid even getting started, just because of the uncertainty of whatever the murky waters might reveal.

list building - puzzled
list building – puzzled

Who said – “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”?

Well, whoever it was, it’s certainly true in the case of List Building.

Maybe I can help them take that first step by offering some insight as to how their intended audience will probably view them….


Crossing The Credibility Gap…

Imagine yourself, the budding new Internet Marketer, bristling with enthusiasm and about to promote your first product to the world.  But it’s uncharted territory for you.  You’re a pioneer.  It’s like you’re standing on one side of the awesome Devil’s Canyon.

list building credibility gap
list building credibility gap

And over there, somewhere in the distance on the other side of that enormous divide is your prospect – the guy you need to sell your stuff to!

The gap between you two is enormous.  You can’t see him and he can’t see you.  

As you stand there looking across to the other side, you’re safe but unfulfilled.  You’re an inexperienced noob who wants to sell things. 

The guy in the distance is the buyer browsing online.  He lands on your web page and sees that you sell the thing that he wants to buy.

The problem is, – he’s never heard of you.  And that makes him edgy about buying from you.  He’ll buy, but probably not from you!

So this huge divide that separates the two of you is what I call the CREDIBILITY GAP and it will almost certainly prevent HIM buying from YOU at this moment in time.

He’s never heard of you; he doesn’t know you, and therefore he doesn’t like or trust you. You just don’t have any credibility in his eyes.


Ye Olde Corner Shoppe

Compare that scenario to this one…

You desperately need bread or milk or something at 8pm, so you step out of your front door and go down to the corner shop as you have done for years.

You go there without even thinking.  And as it happens, there’s a similar shop a bit closer in the other direction, but you always go to this one because something between the two of you just clicked at some time long ago.  Maybe he made a great first impression, he tells funny jokes, or he knew your Mom. Whatever it is, the gap is bridged and you’ll keep going there until something happens to make you reconsider.

list building - corner shop
list building – corner shop

In fact his prices are even a little more expensive than the other guy’s, but what the heck.  This guy smiles, asks how my Mom and Dad are, how my golf is going – and…well, you get the picture.

Back to the point of this, – which was to paint two entirely different scenarios.  One with a huge credibility gap, and one where the gap had been bridged.


It’s About Building Bridges

The thing is, we all like to be able to buy with confidence from people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.  So like the corner shop guy, you must appear knowledgeable and trustworthy in your particular niche, and yet friendly and approachable at the same time, and caring and considerate too.

To do this, you can see that you’ll need to help him cross this void which we’ve called your ‘Credibility Gap’.

Your job at this moment is to get him across that gap, so that he gets to know you and feels comfortable doing business with you.

So you need to start building a bridge to make it easy for him to come across to you and get to know you better.


list building - bridge building
list building – bridge building

So you’ve decided to build a bridge to fix the Credibility Gap.  But how?

Well, like all reliable bridges it needs strong foundations so that it stands the test of time and allow all-comers to pass freely over it, being as helpful to one person as to the next.



Your List


In the Internet Marketing world, you’ll form your bridge by building a LIST.  You know what that is by now I imagine.

And your bridge will be made up of, well …. let’s call them ‘stepping stones’ just to keep it simple.  Each stepping stone will be rock solid to allow your guest to come to you all nice and safe and cozy. 

Your first ‘stepping stone’, will be FREE GIFT of value.  The importance of giving value can’t be overstated.  If you offer people something that provides a solution to a real and pressing problem in your particular niche, people will recognize that as a ‘stepping stone’ and will happily subscribe to your list. 

Eventually they’ll flock in unstoppable numbers and your then bridge will truly be built.

But for now, you can concentrate on building that first stepping stone, and the Bridge Building and List Building process has begun.

You’ll invite people to take that first Step over ‘Credibility Gap’ towards you and your Business.  And they’ll respond by taking that Step.

It won’t happen instantly, but in time as word gets round, lots of people will hear about your bridge and they’ll tell their friends and family.  And before you know it, they’ll all want to cross your bridge to get to the good stuff you’ll sell to them.

WTF!  I’m rambling on forever – lol.  Hey, wake up ! 


👉Wait… !💥



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    • […] said this in Part 1 and it is so true.  So I’ll start by saying that you should place great importance on starting […]

    • Ray

      Enjoyed reading your post! I am actually just starting to learn about this myself so it’s great to find someone who is knowledgeable on the matter!

      • Paul Henderson

        Hey Ray, – glad you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to read the 2nd and 3rd parts to that saga where the story continues 🙂

    • Grady Robinson


      Thank you for providing such a great value. Those fears are the truth. Trying to get going and building a relationship with a list is a huge thing. Then offering Wayne’s training to boot. Such a great read. Thank You!

      • Paul Henderson

        Hey Grady, – thanks for taking the time to stop by and enjoy this post. So pleased it provided some insight for you into the wonderful world that is List Building. All the best with your new drive into building your own list 🙂

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