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Please Take A Moment To Check Out My JayKay Dowdall’s Funnelize Review – And Discover How This is Actually 5 AMAZING Products in One! 


Hi peeps, I’m Paul Henderson and I want to tell you about the latest amazing product from that legend in his own lifetime, – Mr Jaykay Dowdall.

I have every single one of his products and I fully expect that I’ll buy his next product too – WHATEVER IT IS!  They are just sooooo freakin’ good!

So what exactly is FUNNELIZE and what will it do for us?  Let’s check it out….


As an internet marketer I’m sure you know, or at least have a grasp of, what a funnel is. 

It’s essentially a way to attract leads, warm them up or condition them to your way of thinking, then turning them into buyers by presenting offers – usually starting with low priced offers (but not always) and ending up with them begging for you to take their money for the high ticket item at the back end of your funnel.

So that’s what a funnel is. 

But how will Jaykay’s “Funnelize” help you?

First, let’s get rid of some ugly myths…



You DON’T Need Special Software to Build a Funnel !




You DON’T Need To Be An Expert To Build or Manage a Funnel !




Regardless of Your Experience, You CAN Build a Funnel Right NOW !


For most people, especially newbies and even intermediate marketers, their greatest fear is that they believe getting leads and sales is hard.  But actually it’s not. 

Think about it!

Leads and customers are already out there – millions of them – regardless of your niche.


YOU just need 2 things:

    • A system for attracting them like a moth to a flame to your landing page. And…
    • A step by step process that grows prospects into leads, leads into customers, and customers into repeat customers.






Read the image above one more time…

Jaykay says that most of us already have the essentials in our possession contained within all the stuff we’ve bought in the past.

You just don’t recognize it for what it is, and HOW it fits into this whole funnel orientated puzzle.

Jaykay wants to GIVE you the map – that shows how all the bits fit together.

And once you HAVE this system, you’ll be up there with the IM leaders, influencers, and the movers and shakers.


“You’ll have the exact same psychological powerhouse that is a HIGH CONVERTING LEAD GENERATING SALES-MAKING FUNNEL.”



So let’s take a look inside “Funnelizer” and see how Jaykay plans to do this.

PS: You are gonna be so amazed at the value JK provides – this product is beyond amazing!)



First, lets take a look at the Members Area home page…



Just look at all that value!  You can see, we have …


    • 1 – THE WELCOME – A short welcome from Jaykay where he reveals some details of the treat that’s in store for you.
    • 2 – FUNNELIZE 101 – The Basic fundamentals behind a funnel.
    • 3 – PERFECT LEAD MAGNET – 3 videos detailing exactly how to create the PERFECT LEAD MAGNET
    • 4 – THE FUNNEL GATEWAY – How to create lots of little mini funnels that all feed your main funnel
    • 5-11 – FUNNELS – 7 x Individual Funnels Trainings designed to build you the perfect funnel no matter what your niche.
    • 12 – FACEBOOK RETARGETING TRAINING – How to use FB retargeting pixels to build your audience.

The moment you build your first funnel and see things happening on auto-pilot, you’ll realize the dream has finally come true, your boat has come in.  And it was that way for JayKay too…look…



To help you on your way as you go thru this training, you’ll be provided with…

    • 8 FUNNEL BLUEPRINTS – Including Case Studies and Live Demos
    • More than 35 Training Videos Included
    • OVER 25 Cheat Sheets and PDFs to Get You There Faster
    • FULL Case Studies and Walk Throughs of ALL 8 FUNNELS
    • Separate High Quality Email Marketing Course Included
    • Newbie Friendly From Beginning to End


Just Pick a Funnel And Get Started….


Sure, – it’s that simple. funnelize-review

Look at the choices.

Decide on Which Funnel Suits Your Needs Right Now.

Watch The Videos.

Complete the Cheat Sheets if Appropriate, and…..

Build Your Funnel.

Simple !



There are just 4 simple steps…



And if you set this up right, you can expect sales to flow in potentially for years on end.  Naturally, this is not going to happen overnight and it goes without saying that you should always split test and improve your funnels over time.  But you can literally get this set up and working in a day or two.



Of course Jaykays products are always top class.  They just flat out work.  end of story.

But I get that you don’t want to take my word for this. 

However, I personally know one of these four people that Jaykay chose, and you can positively rely on his comments as I’m sure you can the others’.




How Complete is The Training?

As always JayKay has gone overboard to provide value.  You’ve seen the members area overall shot up above.  So moving down section by section you’ll see that each topic is broken down into multiple individual videos to give you a totally complete grasp of the subject.

Like this….


In this training JK shows you exactly how to create the PERFECT LEAD MAGNET – from inception to end product and how you can KNOW it’s the right product for the right audience.







And here I show you the format of the individual funnel training.  You get the complete Explainer Video where JayKay lays out the detail of the funnel in easy to follow steps.  Then you go on a Walk-Through where he creates a funnel in front of your eyes so you KNOW you’ll get yours exactly right.

All 8 funnels are arranged in this format.






You also get a complete full training on Facebook Re-targeting so that you can get the most from your paid traffic.












Discover the secrets of effective email marketing to keep your new subscribers begging you for more.  









As if this wasn’t enough value stand-alone, of course Jaykay offers bonuses…



These additional 4 Complete and Unabridged Trainings are included for you inside the members area.

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I purchased Funnelize a few days ago, I simply haven’t been able to put it down and I’m currently in the process of getting my own first ever ‘Affiliate Funnel’ going.  I’ll update this post or maybe even add a complete new post when I have more news about that.  Until then – be excited – and thanks for reading.


If You Want to Give Your Business The Kick in The Pants it Probably Needs to Get it Going On Auto-Pilot, Then Click Here OR The Link Below To Get Funnelize – And Get Building Your First Funnel Before The Price Hike !




Look, total honesty – at this stage you’re not gonna get this for the launch week special price of less than $20, but this training is incredible value at ANY price.  Currently at time of writing this, it’s $37. 

Do yourself a huge favour.  Bite the bullet and grab this now because, like his FB Masters Course, the price of this is set to go as high as $997 sometime soon.

Study it.  Take action on it.  And watch your online sales action soar in no time… 


As always, if you enjoyed reading about this or just are excited about the product, please comment below or share to your social media.  Many thanks.


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Paul Henderson

Zero to Hero Marketing

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