Ad Target Drill Review

Check it Out – Discover Exactly How Ivana Turned a $41 Ad Spend Into $5400 in a Few Days!

In this new method, Ivana Bosnjak and Ram Rawat show you why Google Adsense has more potential right now than you ever thought possible. 

This super cool method by Ivana and Ram throws an interesting new twist on a proven way to bring big cash windfalls, and shows you how to drive traffic in droves to your affiliate offers in an amazingly effective way.

As you probably know, both Ivan and Ram are well known and successful product creators and marketers, and the knowledge they share in Ad Target Drill is the result of years of experience and success doing exactly this.


Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review


See the headline…. “Turn $10-20 Ad Spend into 3 Figures Without Any Previous Experience“.

I love that headline because it promises everything that you’d reasonably want from a great google adsense campaign. Meaning, you want a low spend and high return – right?

The after that we have a short intro video where Ivana and Ramt introduce themselves…

Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review

And at left they claim …..

  1. This method can make you 4 figures per month with simple set and forget campaigns.
  2. You can make a full time income with just part time hours. This is the NEW way to do affiliate marketing.
  3. Zero budget so it’s perfect for newbies
  4. No tech skills or experience necessary
  5. Concise PDF (as well as video) training
  6. And finally this works in any niche.


And then we move onto what this system does NOT need…


Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review


And then of course comes the $64M question…..

“Does this system bring in consistent sales, commissions and money?”

Absolutely! Don’t believe us? Let us show you now!

So ultimately, the answer is yes as Ivana tells us that … today is the day you learn how to spend just 2 digits on ads (we’ll even show you how to pay ZERO for your first ad).

And there as you can see, we have the promised 3 figure income proof. And I have to say I’d certainly be happy to have those extra buckeroonies in my paypal…

Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review


And then Ivana continues  …

It’s not rocket science… just copy what I do, spend 2 digits on google adwords, and easily transform your ad spend into 3 figures – within 24 hours!

These set and forget campaigns are the simplest way to build  four figure monthly passive income stream, working just one hour per day in 2018.

Ok, so that’s what the course promises and who it’s for.

Now let’s go back to the members area and see what is actually IN the course.

So first off you can see that as well as videos which are down below, there’s also this really cool PDF guide.  Personally, I love PDFs because I find it so much easier to go over stuff I didn’t get first time round.  But that’s just me…

Moving on…

The course is presented in a total of 14 videos.

Now, when I see a course with a whole load of videos, I’m start freaking out because if they’re all like 30 minutes plus long, then by the time I’ve made my notes it can take a whole day or two just to go thru the vids.

But these are all just handy bite sized pieces of information about 2 to 4 minutes long, packed with chunks of information that’s easy to digest and understand. 

So lets just briefly mention what each video covers…..

Video 1: Overview.

Ivana introduces the idea of driving FREE viral traffic, how to set up campaigns with Google Adwords, how to make BIG bucks along the way and how it’s hands free once set up.

 Video 2: The Money Pages.

Here Ivana describes the types of offers you’ll want to send your traffic to for best conversions and she explains in detail the exact things you’ll need to look for to choose a great offer.  I don’t want to go into too much detail here because this is the nuts and bolts of the method.  Suffice to say that Ivana describes exactly what to do in enough detail that anyone can follow.

Video 3: How to craft your money page.

She details exactly what your page needs to look like to convert traffic correctly.

Video 4: How to set up your google adwords account for traffic.

Nothing more to say about that.

Video 5: Create Your Audience

Here Ivana describes how to create the ideal audience in your Ad Target Drill campaign.  Again she gives great details so that whether you’re experienced or just starting, you’ll be able to follow the instructions just fine.

Video 6 & 7: How to create your campaigns with adwords. 

Video 8: Creating Canva Image

In this video Ivana shows you how to create the various images you’ll need with some tips on image design.

Video 9: Finalizing the Campaign

Shows you how to place your images into your campaign.

Video 10: Driving Buyer Traffic.

In this module Ivana explains how to build up your buyer audience quickly and in the process also reveals a cute hack that allows you to earn an extra $50 to $497 for little extra work.  

Video 11: Getting Affiliates on Board.

For those that launch their own products, Ivana explains a quick way to get affiliates on board to help to sell more of your product.

Video 12: Driving Your Own Traffic From Facebook.

Ivana goes through creating a facebook ad campaign. This video is 10 minutes in length and describes the process in great detail.

Video 13:  Offering this Method as a Service.

Naturally this skill that Ivana just taught us is of real value to others, and this video shows us how to offer this as a service to other businesses.  Very cool as this can be very very lucrative.

Video 14: Close and Thank You for Purchasing Ad Target Drill



Not surprisingly, there are OTOs with Ad Target Drill.  There are three of them and they are all immensely useful.  Let’s take a look…


Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review

As you can see, OTO1 is DFY series of 5 campaign with literally everything done for you. 5 campaigns for $27 – that’s literally $5.40 per campaign for EVERYTHING listed above.  That’s enormous value for money when you consider the time you’ll save by NOT having to research and start from scratch.

Now, if you read up above in the course details, I said that Ivana had showed us how to use this method as a service to other businesses.  And OTOs 2 and 3 are geared more towards the purchaser who follows that path.  Let’s take a look…

Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review

So you can see that OTO2 is ideal for those that want to know exactly how to offer this method as a service to other businesses.  And make no mistake, there are BIG bucks to be earned doing this.   Ok, let’s take a look at the final OTO which is OTO3…



Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review

I’m a real fan of DFY, so OTO1 would be for me, and the time you’ll save by not having to set all this stuff up yourself will pay for itself in not time.  On the other hand if you want to use this method as a service to others, I can see how OTOs 2 and 3 would offer incredible value.




NO – definitely not.  The Front End product is stand alone and detailed enough that anyone with a little skill will be able to set campaign up as Ivana and Ram show them.


The method could be used by newbies for sure.


Of course.  The method uses tried and tested techniques with a new and unique twist.  And don’t forget it comes complete with a true life case study that shows how Ivana and Ram turned $41 into $5483


Of course there is.  You can buy totally risk free with the usual full 30 day risk free guarantee.


Ad Target Drill Bonus #1 – Case Study where Ivana and Ram turn “$41.78 Into $5483 In Sales”


Ad Target Drill Bonus #2 – Checklist


Ad Target Drill Bonus #3 – Drive 50K Per Month Facebook Visitors For FREE


“When You Buy Through My Exclusive Link, I’m Including All The Following Bonuses Too To Make The Training Even More Complete….”



Bonus #1 – Course “How to Write Compelling Headlines”

ad target drill review
ad target drill review


First off is how to write headlines that grip your audience. Because of course you’re going to need to know how to write headlines that get clicks and this in depth tutorial goes way deeper into this subject than Ivana and Ram do in the Ad Traffic Drill course.


Bonus #2 = Course “The Chat Bot Revolution”

ad target drill review
ad target drill review

There’s no reason why you can’t use this popular time saving method of communicating with your leads to further increase your sales.


Bonus 3 = Course “Bing Ads Mastery”

ad target drill review
ad target drill review

The Bing network is often considered cheaper than Google to get started with and although that’s not the case with the method Ivana and Ram teach in Ad Target Drill, there’s no reason why you can’t have both networks driving traffic to your offers, and this training goes in depth to teach you exactly how to put together ads that convert.


Bonus 4 = Course “Google Display Network Hacks”

Ad Target Drill Review
Ad Target Drill Review

The fact that the google display network confuses people means that many advertisers avoid using it.  What that means for you is that it’s often way cheaper to use this network than conventional google ads and the aim of this PDF is to de-mystify the Google Display Network for you and this just adds another method of driving traffic to your offer pages.  So this is gonna work really nicely alongside the Ad Target Drill training.


Ok folks that’s the end of my Ad Target Drill review, – I hope you enjoyed it. I have to admit that while I’ve used Bing Ads with success, I haven’t used Google ads in years, – but this has certainly opened my eyes to what is possible when used in this uniquely original way.


“Click HERE to Get Ad Target Drill Plus All The Bonuses Above That Make The Training Much More Complete…”



Or if you prefer you may watch the video review below…

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