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here, as promised if not exactly on time,  is the much awaited second part of my List Building Basics epistle.

But before I continue, has anyone else been watching Vatican TV3 where the College of Cardinals has the task of selecting a new Pope.

Anyone else watching that on TV?

No! OMG – don’t tell me it’s just me – wtf.

Anyway, it seems that yesterday, they were right on the verge of choosing an Italian guy called Sicola.

But they canned him at the last minute cos they just didn’t think Pope Sicola sounded right!

Pope Sicola – get it – lol.  It’s a joke.  (P E P S I   C O L A).


Now where were we?  Ah yes – List Building


In Part 1, I  began with offering an understanding of the reason why you need to get the ‘buyer’ to cross over your ‘credibility gap’ if he’s ever to buy stuff from your site.

Remember, we said that since he’d never heard of you before, much less bought from you, he’s not likely to start anytime soon unless you give him good reason to.

And then we said that the good reason was going to be in the form of offering good quality, useful, helpful advice possibly in the form of a free gift, like an ebook, that will slowly but surely build stepping stones over that gap from him to you.

Moving on …

Crossing Credibility Gap

So this is the mechanism that will get your visitor over to your side of ‘Credibility Gap’ – in time.  And by that time, if you’ve done it right, your visitor will know you, and trust you a whole lot better than at the start.  Heck, he may even start to like you and your helpful content.  A bit like my readers do mine – lol

Now if you’re to provide these visitors with helpful and useful information, then it follows that you need to know how to find people in that niche who have problems (coming up in Part 3).

And then, you’ll simply ‘bait’ them, to get them over to your side.


To do this successfully, when you communicate with your list, you should endeavor at all times to do the following 3 things:

1 – Educate them regarding their challenges and issues.

2 – Get them excited and enthusiastic about the answers you provide. You’ll then use their innate excitement as momentum, sort of kinetic energy, when you introduce ‘sales’ messages that will encourage them to buy from you.

3 – Finally, you should encourage them to ‘trust’ you and to build up a relationship with you.


This is the whole point of this process.

Offer VALUE  –> Relationship –> Trust –> Sales.



This is what Internet Marketers mean when they say….


“The Money is in The List”


But at the start, you must forget about money and concentrate on getting your stepping stones cemented into place to ensure a safe passage for your visitors.

When you talk with your visitors, be sure to ‘talk’ with them.

I mean talk personally as if you were talking to your friends when you have them round for coffee.


Crikey, – who here has ever read a letter where it says at the end …

“Should you require further information regarding this opportunity, please don’t hesitate to call the above mentioned number”

I mean, who reads that sort of rubbish.

When I read gobbledygook like that, I just switch off – I don’t know about you.

If you write as if you like the person on the other end, that should help.  And you really should like them !  Because in the not too distant future, you want them to give you all their money – haha


To quickly recap in bullet points …


  • Communicate personally and well.
  • Be sure to educate, excite, encourage and enthuse.
  • Always give value
  • Understand that it’s about how well you get your personality across.
  • The more effectively you do this, the more money you’ll eventually make.


Right, now I’m going to cut this post at this point. I know it’s well shorter than you’re used to from me.  It is a convenient stopping place though, cos I’ve just had a quick tally, and if I include all I want to include, it will run to a War & Peace sort of length.  And we don’t want that do we – lol?

OK, – should you require further information about any of the aforementioned tripe, please send a stamped self addressed envelope containing as many bank notes as you can squeeze into it, and any other valuables you want me to have, Box 101,  Lagos, Nigeria.

Part 3 of the good stuff really is coming soon.  Within 7 days.  I promise – again

Thanks for reading folks.

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