Of course, that incredibly funny line was from the late Spike Milligan.

But if I’m honest, it’s pretty much the way I’ve been working throughout this past year. I haven’t had a plan, and so I haven’t got anywhere. But things are about to change. Please read on….

So I left you last time with me drooling over Dean Holland’s offer on Warrior Forum.

Well, the last thing I needed was another great offer – seriously.

But I read the offer and thought about it. Read some more, – thought some more. And the more I read and thought, the more I decided that, despite what I’d promised myself, it was a gotta-have product. And to cut a long story short, I bought it. I knew I’d done the right thing in one sense.

Yet …..

I’d promised myself that I was done with all this buying. I felt instant remorse, cancelled it, and got a refund. Can you believe it, I then felt instant double remorse for having cancelled, and I very sheepishly and humbly pleaded with them to let me back into the fold. Crikey, I hate grovelling, but I couldn’t stand the thought of missing out on the ONE PRODUCT that might just make a difference.

I used to be indecisive, – but now I’m not so sure anymore.

As it turned out Dean’s Quick Start Challenge program was really good. He broke things down into simple steps everyone could follow. And he mentioned that he’d been a student of a guy called Alex Jeffreys. “Hey, I know Alex”, I said to myself. I’d bought a product from him some time back. It had been good, although I couldn’t exactly recall the details of the product too much. One of many – you know how it is. But “Mindmaps” were floating around in my head – I remembered that much.

An AHA! Moment If Ever I’ve Had One ..

And then the idea came to me in a flash. Get a Coach you plonker !! I liked what I saw in Dean, and I thought – wow, if AJ can teach Dean to do all that, then maybe he could help me move forward some way too !

I looked into AJ’s coaching. It looked great. I wanted it to look great. But there was a hell of a problem. The cost was not small, unlike my bank balance.

All the other things I’d bought put together were as nothing compared to this. This was serious moolah man! We’re talking Five Big Ones. Crikey the missus would have kittens. However, when I mentioned it, she was as supportive as she has been throughout my alleged internet career. “You wannit babez, you have it!” – she said. Or words to that effect. And the arrangements were made.

The deal was done and I got straight into it. I had signed up to Alex Jeffreys Inner Circle. Wow, now I was really somebody – lol. The information provided was super useful and high quality, very in depth and thorough, that much was clear.

Mostly it wasn’t labelled so well, but searching I managed to find all that I needed, and hey presto, the steps were all there to take me where I wanted to go. My Yellow Brick Road had appeared before me and I felt the path to my rainbow appearing more and more with each passing day.

As I moved from module to module, I found myself lingering on an uncannily well produced guide that had been donated to the AJIC membership by an ex-student of Alex’s – a young fella by the name of Marc Milburn.

This was simple stuff. Hey, and by the looks of it, even I could do this for sure. Within days, I found myself totally and enthusiastically engrossed in this ‘simple to do’ guide that promised to take me from Zero To Hero – my words not his, lol.

A Bit Of A Shock …

After a few chat’s on FB, I found that that Marc also offered Coaching. Already my mind was contemplating things I dare not even admit to. I actually dared to think – should I, shouldn’t I? I imagine you know exactly what I mean.

I asked about the cost, – sorry, ‘investment’. (I love that word for all that it does to keep the loser in us at bay, and bring out the entrepreneur).

Jesus Christ !!!! (pardon my French) – Another Five Large……. aaaarghh! She would fall off her perch this time for sure.

It Was Hard, But it Was The Right Thing To Do…

But I was so sure that Marc was the way to go. I spoke with my wife who remained incredibly supportive. Heck, she was out there working every day to support my online study. It didn’t feel right for me at all – not one little bit.

Yet at the same time, I know that I’ll make it in the end. It was only a matter of finding the right coach.

So I signed up with Marc. He offered a full year of one-on-one weekly coaching calls via skype. We get stuff to do, and it needs to be done by the following week.

I finally feel that I’m on the right track. On schedule. I’m so excited.

If anyone has actually read from my first post through to here, one point will be crystal clear by now. You may be thinking I’ve been totally lacking in focus. And you’d be right.
Focus – the ability to stick with one thing and see it through till it works.

This has been lacking in my entire previous one year of trying to make money online. And I’ve justified it to myself by blaming it on difficulties encountered along the way, and buying more stuff.

Things are different now. I have rock solid focus and I’ll stick this out right to the end.

My simple task now is to see this through until I make my first PLANNED dollar online. And by planned, I mean a dollar earned as a result of a planned money making system that I can repeat.
I now have a clear path to tread, with new skills to learn, milestones to reach and targets to hit. And all the while, being accountable to someone who will guide me along the path, and ask “WHY?” if I don’t progress as I should, and offer help if I need it.

These things are essential if we want to succeed. All the world over, the best performers have coaches. Soccer, Piano, Acting – all of them. You get the idea.
And I’m no different just because my passion is to be a successful Internet Marketer.

I invite you to stay with me as I progress, and share what I learn with Marc & Alex.

If you’ve found this engaging, entertaining, or even if it just sounds just like you, please leave a comment below and I’ll get right back to you – promise.
To Your Incredible Online Success,


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