I’ve read Sales Pages before, – heaps of the blasted things.

You know when you’re looking at a good one don’t you?  It’s almost like they take over your mind, and you feel totally compelled to keep reading right to the end.  Each paragraph reveals just enough to increase your excitement level and expectations, to the point where you daren’t stop reading for fear of missing out on the deal of the century, – which will surely be revealed any time now.

Jeez … I sure was a sucker for them.  I used to buy stuff just because the Sales Page was so compelling.  And moments later when I’ve downloaded yet another thing I don’t need, and don’t have time to do anyway, remorse sets in and I think to myself ….. “OMG, here we go again …”

Now I avoid those links altogether.  I just don’t go there anymore.  I unsubscribed from all the lists, and stayed focused.

And strangely, this is the longest period in my IM career of about 18 months that I’ve hardly bought anything.  Funnily enough, – it’s also been the least distracted, most focused and most productive time for me too.

Hmmm, perhaps there’s a connection …


The Professionals Do These Really Well.

I’m waffling – sorry.  But my point is this, – that I knew exactly how fantastic these Pages were.  And how good mine would have to be if I were to stand a chance of keeping my visitors even half as captivated as I was to the Pages I got sucked in so often bought from.

The Pages I’d read had set a really high bar, and I didn’t think for a moment that I’d ever be able to come up with something even approaching that standard.

Luckily for me, and now for you, guidance was at hand in the form of an article written by an incredibly talented and successful man by the name of David Frey.  If you’ve never heard of this guy, then do yourself a favour and visit his blog.

The article in question is this one.


David Frey’s 12-step-foolproof-sales-letter-formula


If you need to compile a Sales Page or Letter sometime soon, then I really do recommend you read this.

It’s invaluable.


An Epiphany

I always use this article as my guiding light, and it makes the task much easier and clearer.  I couldn’t resist going to the trouble of revisiting some of the fantastic sites I’d visited over the past months.  And it was no real surprise that they followed the layout in David Frey’s Blog Post very closely.

I felt suddenly quite relieved, that help was at hand and the mystery was mostly over.  Just by reading that one informative article, and then doing some cross checking to confirm the facts, steered me from being totally in awe of the task ahead, to seeing the light and knowing what was needed.

I’m not naive enough to think that that’s all there is to it.  I know my first pages will need fine tuning, and that I’ll improve over time.  My next page will be better, and so too the one after that.  But I do genuinely believe that this page is a very good start.

Hope you guys find this info helpful 🙂

Catch you guys next time guys ‘n’ gals….

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