Robert Cialdini PH.D – Influence The Psychology of Persuasion

Since I first heard his name and work mentioned in a webinar somewhere a short time ago, I knew that Robert Cialdini was going to be someone I fell in love with.  In a totally manly way of course – lol.  His book “Influence The Psychology of Persuasion” confirmed I made the right choice 😉

Actually, I think this book goes under two names depending on where you live – maybe.  Whether you google “Influence – The POWER of Persuasion” or “The PSYCHOLOGY of Persuasion” you land on this book.  So whether it just got re-named or what I don’t really know.

Moving on…

“Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion” is an all time favorite with thousands of reviews on amazon. Naturally I’m gonna have to grab this at any cost.

Until this time, although I’d been keen to know about things “Psychology” from a selling perspective, I’d never actually gotten round to doing anything about it.

So without haste I placed my order with Amazon and as always those dudes delivered my new ‘Bible’ in double quick time. 

I tore straight into it, and boy I was not disappointed.

Robert Cialdini Influence The Psychology of Persuasion


Weapons of Mass Influence

The way Cialdini presents his information is both enormously interesting and amazing in concept.  It quickly becomes apparent that this has the power to change your life AND your business enormously if used correctly. 

I don’t want to give too much away and risk spoiling the surprises in store for you, but I loved what he calls his “Weapons of Mass Influence“.

He starts with “The Power of Reciprosity“.  Meaning that, when the dude at the mall shoves that trashy ‘free gift‘ into your hand while simultaneously asking if you’d care to take part in his survey (you know – the one where you end up buying $10k worth of solar panels that you don’t want and can’t afford!), he knows that by getting you to accept that ‘gift‘, there’ll be almost zero chance of you declining his ‘innocent’ offer to participate. 

He gave you something, so now you feel obliged to give him something (in the form of your time).

Can you see how useful knowing that could be?

From that moment on I just make a point of telling them all to ‘get out of here!’

Anyhow, I really recommend you buy the book if you haven’t already.

The guy comes up trumps in everything he says.  And he shares so many other “Weapons of Mass Influence“, you’re left wondering which one to use first as you completely review the way you’ll tackle your business and relationships from now on. 

Anyhow, today I have for you an absolute treat if you haven’t yet read or listened to Cialdini (pronounced Chaldini – it’s Italian). 

It’s an Audio snippet from his best-selling book of the same name….


Weapons of Mass Influence – Audio Snippet

To enjoy this snippet, just click the image below and relax…..Robert Cialdini Weapons of Mass Influence


If you’re interested to buy the book, you can get it HERE from Amazon. (It’s not an affiliate link, just goes straight to AZ)


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Til next time then, stay cool homies.









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