The winter is definitely approaching down here in Oz and we’re hearing on the news how much of the eastern states are under water – again!

I sure feel for those guys and it kinda makes me wonder how they put up with that year after year.

Anyways guys, I’m glad I over here in sunny little Perth in the great big west of Oz.  We don’t get that stuff – fingers crossed 🙂

Anyhow what I want to share with you geniuses are some sneaky revelations about content creation and how to use it to best advantage.

And in particular – “Email Content Creation”.

Most people think writing sucks because it can take time to do well.

But what doesn’t suck is that you can write once and distribute many!

Did you know that?

Sure – you can write your copy once and distribute it across many platforms.

It has to be good copy though.  Well prepared and a decent length usually.

And the great thing is that with this simple strategy, you can set up a daily routine knowing that the one piece of content you create, is going to be leveraged to bring long lasting results into the future!

Take email writing as an example.

It’s a craft and most people don’t ever take the time or put in the effort to master writing great emails.

I’m not sure why this would be, cos any old fool can easily see that writing great emails is critical to success in this business.


Create a garbage email ….. get garbage results and make no freaking dough!

Create a decent email …. get decent results and perhaps make some sales.

Create a stunning email …. and bank large.


Do you get the idea?

It’s not rocket science, but so few do it well. So here’s what I want to impress on you today…

Be sure to set aside regular time to learn how to craft great emails.  It won’t happen overnight, and you have to start somewhere – usually at the start – but with practice greatness will happen.

Think about it, – the seeds you sow today will play a large part in whether or not tomorrow’s email gets read!

Very profound.

So, after you’ve compiled your email – what then?

Well you take that same email and use it as a post on your blog.

Post it on Facetube too, and G+.

And anywhere else you can think of to get it seen by more people.


This is LEVERAGE guys, and it’s a basic requirement for internet marketing. We should all be doing this to free up our time for other things.

BUT – your emails have to be great quality to be really effective in this way.


In my next post I’m going to continue this idea, and share with you my take on how I write great emails.

Be there or be square dudes cos this shit MATTERS.

That’s it dudes, – I’m gone for now.

Tune in tomorrow to hear how I write great emails.


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