So what’s the trick to writing great emails?

OK, I’ll tell you.  In fact it’s surprisingly easy and anyone can do it.  Let me share a couple of ideas that work for me.

Emotional State is Important:

The first thing to understand is that you need to be in the right emotional frame of mind BEFORE sitting down to write.



Think about it…

Who takes the time before writing, to even consider their emotional state, let alone do something about it?

Well, not many I can tell you.

And the thing is, it’s actually very important because if you’re not in the right state emotionally – it will show through.

People laugh when I tell them that back in the days when I was a ship’s Radio Operator, I could tell the mood of the person on the other end just by listening to the the way they sent their morse code dots and dashes.

That’s totally true by the way…

What I’m saying to you, is that readers can tell if the person who created the content is emotionally fully immersed in the activity or not.

And if you aren’t, you won’t convey the best impression to your readers.  Your irritability or discontentment or whatever, will show through in the way you write – like the morse code dude.

Now guys, like it or not this shit actually matters. So the next time you settle down to write an email to your list, make sure you’re not in a bad mood, that you’re not frazzled by something, beforehand.

People will be able to tell.  So spend a few minutes just relaxing and getting whatever it is out of your system before you write.  Meditate, do yoga, just relax with a coffee.

Whatever works for you – do that!

Write to a Friend:

Another great idea is to always write to a friend.

Before settling to write, spend a minute or two visualizing a good friend and imagine you’re going to be writing to him or her personally.

You know the way we talk to our friends is a whole lot more relaxed than the way we might talk to a stranger. But remember we want our list members to BE friends, so we need to talk to them in that way.

So start writing as if you were writing to that friend.  You can even put their name in the email, – just remember to remove it when you’re finished hey.

And use the same chatty jargon you’d use with your friend.  People love this stuff – seriously.  It makes it real – and it makes YOU real.

A great idea is to actually “talk” your email through first. Just stand back and talk about the things you plan on writing about.  “Talk” to your friend, before putting it down in writing.

It’s best if you don’t let people hear you talk out loud to yourself when you’re alone on the house though.  They might think you’re crackers and report you to the cops or something – lol

Ok, that should do for today my internet marketing geniuses.


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OK, I’m gone.



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