I never even gave it a second thought …. !

And I suspect many others don’t either.

When I place a post here on my blog, naturally I want a cutie little image of something to go alongside my post.  Cos I totally understand that you probably don’t want to be staring at my criminally attractive mugshot more than a micro-second or two.

So where do I go to get an image?

Of course …. I search on my term in Google, click on images, and say  “oooh that’s a nice one.  I’ll have that !

And so it goes.  Before you can say “Give us a slag out yer billy-can me old mucker”, the image is “saved-as” and safely installed as a pretty little thumbnail accompanying your latest post.

But did you realise that in doing that, you’re leaving your empires flagship, and yourself, wide open to legal action.

I just read a great post from Clive Hitchcock that reminded me of this situation.  and the stupid thing is that, of course, I already knew this.  But seriously, I am not a dishonest person, and I can’t explain why I forgot.  I mean, I don’t nick tins of salmon from the local supermarket or anything like that!

I honestly can’t explain why I suddenly thought these were there for the taking.

But they aren’t.

And as soon as I read Clive’s post, I opened an account with fotolia, cos they are pretty darned cheap, and got myself some legal images.  Luckily I’ve only done a handful of posts so far, – I’d have been there all blinking day otherwise.

But now I’m legal. Should I even be admitting that on air??

And if it’s something you’ve overlooked too, then this can serve as a timely reminder to you also.

You wouldn’t want all your hard work to end up with legal action and a sizeable fine – or worse, a stint of striped sunshine – now would you?

You guys rock !

To your incredible online success….

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